Oct 13

The Art of Custom Coins

Designing custom coins is no easy task. It takes a lot of planning to make sure that these coins will be unique representations of your company or organization. Customizing these coins deserve nothing short of commitment and careful planning. From style and design to make and material, creating these coins to perfection is a responsibility not to be handled by the faint-hearted and the impatient.

Since the very first production of these coins (back then, they were called “challenge coins”), a lot of companies have ventured in this business and pride themselves as the “best”. However, just like every production company out there, the genuine best is the one with a long list of satisfied clients and knows what real quality is all about. After all, if designing custom coins is difficult, imagine how more challenging it is to actually make them. Both processes of making these coin require a keen eye so you have to be sure that your chosen manufacturer understands the art behind customizing coins. This will guarantee you that they will be able to meet your coin specifications, down to the smallest detail.

custom coinsRemember, it is not only the design imprinted on the coin that makes it valuable. To make your custom coins unique, you have to take into consideration other essential elements that make it. Minting your coins also means choosing a unique metal style, edge cut, 3D design, cutout and shape. For instance, if you are looking to have coins minted for company use, you can opt to have it made with brass for a durable, antique-looking finish. But if you are going for a more elegant and sophisticated feel, you can use gold or enamel as your metal of choice. As you can see, the final outcome of your coins will ultimately depend on your specifications as the main designer.

With design potential being almost limitless, it is not only the two sides of the coin that you can customize. With these custom coins, you also have the liberty to let your imagination go wild with the rims and edges to make things even more unique.

Now, if you have decided to have challenge coins minted for personal or business use, there are a few notes on style and design that you might want to familiarize yourself with:

• Metal Style: This is the first decision you have to make when you already have your design. The metal style is the material that makes the entire coin and with so many appealing options, you will surely enjoy the process of choosing the metal for your coin. Some of the most common metal styles are gold, brass, silver, and copper, which also comes in antique version.

• Edge Cut: Diamond cut edges are a great way to add a touch of personality and elegance to your coins. You can choose from the standard edge, rope-cut, cross-cut, wave-cut and oblique-cut edges. Standard edges do not come with additional fees but with other styles, you’ll have to spend a little (very little, custom cut edges usually cost around $0.30) bit more than usual.

Aside from these two, other additional custom coin options include:

• Epoxy coating
• 3D Designs
• Coin Cutout
• Custom Shapes
• Engraved Text
• Keychain Attachment
• Offset Print
• Sequential Numbering
• Bottle Opener
• Translucent Enamel

You can also have your custom coins presented in custom packages such as standard PVC pouches, velvet bags, coin capsules, velvet boxes or custom pouch inserts. These options allow you to fully-customize your coins from start to finish before handing them out to employees and clients, as tokens of recognition and appreciation.


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Oct 07

Iron on Patches Made Stylish Repair

Imagine this scenario. You are about to attend a birthday bash of one of your friends. Of course, you wanted to be at your best. So you’ve pulled out all your clothes inside the cabinet and search for the most stunning attire that you have. Unfortunately, on your way out, your best attire was ruined by a single nail that pushed its way out of the walls. It ends up leaving a remarkable hole or scratch in your most wanted clothing. Now, you are wondering how you are going to wear this again.

How to fix this? Of course, first thing that comes out of our heads; the traditional and first-hand solution which is stitching. Needle and thread really comes in handy when fixing worn-out clothes. Unfortunately, not all people are gifted with the skill of mending outfits. Those with tight budget considered stitching their own clothes. But occasionally the expected results aren’t achieved. They even ended up ruining the attire more and discarding their favourite piece for good. Those pieces might be added to the rag collection of your household.

Others will look for tailors to fix the problem on their behalf. Some people might see this too costly and impractical just to spend for a small tear. This will take time because you are not the only customer who needs their services. You still have to wait in line for your turn.

Luckily, struggling individuals were able to find refuge in form of patches. Yes! This is always seen every day. When parents go to work and wear their dignified uniforms, logos of their respective institutions are sometimes added to embellish their attire. Even school uniforms, logos are also present in form of patches. Its purpose became diverse. It’s not just for branding or identification alone. These can be a tool for repairs as well. People don’t have to experience pricking themselves and practicing harder in using needle and thread. A more convenient way introduces itself to the world.

Due to its gained popularity to the garments industry, a lot of patches with thousands or more designs, shapes and sizes emerged. Literally, people got their hands full because there are lots of options to choose from. Whatever you need, whatever will suit your style, for sure people will find one. Sky is the limit as they say.

Many entrepreneurs are also trying this business. Aside from the craft stores, online sites are also offering several patches. The most common patch to use these days is the iron on patches. This does not require intensive research or manpower services. In fact, this is just do-it-yourself activity. People can place patches at home as long as they have hot irons. This is very helpful especially to those who are always on-the-go. In matter of seconds, an apparel is saved from being a rag and more importantly a money saver.

Iron on patchesThis provides stylish repair for everyone. Aside from mending their own clothes, they have the option to add color or accent to their apparel. Most of us desire to modify outfits that we bought on shopping malls or bringing life back to the old clothes that has been hiding inside the closet for some time. All they need was to choose from the pool of iron on patches for instant make over.

These iron on patches expanded its borders as these decorations can be placed on bags or caps. This is a good material to promote or campaign an activity. No more costly budget proposals, just attached this small piece and we can communicate the message any time. This can be of use for group competitions by placing interesting patches on to their outfits.

Indeed, these iron on patches made a lot of difference, a budget and time saver for everyone. People just need to fuel up their creative juices to produce excellent, classy clothing.

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Oct 07

4 Biggest Mistakes Motivational Speakers Make

Motivational speakers are not perfect. They commit mistakes on stage, albeit possibly unnoticeable to the audience sometimes, thanks to their persuasion ability. Nevertheless, that is no excuse for you to continue committing certain mistakes that might make you less credible and unimpressive.

Achieve perfection in your craft by avoiding these four biggest mistakes by motivational speakers:

1. Not using the most appropriate language

Some novice speakers have this notion that if you are educated, you have to sound educated by using formal English. While that works most of the time, it cannot be denied that not all people appreciate Standard American English (SAE) as much as they do with their standard dialect, such as the African American English (AAE) more commonly used at home by most African Americans.

Leil Lowndes, a bestselling author and famous motivational speaker, once experienced the power of choosing a language herself when after a decade of motivating thousands of people, she still failed to lock the attention and gain the enthusiasm of her crowd in Detroit. The next speaker who has a PhD degree from a top university, on the other hand, succeeded in the area where she failed, simply by speaking colloquially and using terms and unconventional grammar structures that most African Americans in the audience would appreciate.

A doctor of philosophy speaking grammatically incorrect English might seem funny for many people, but that is the best means of communication.

The lesson: use a language that your audience will truly appreciate.

2. Not having their speech edited

Speeches of motivational speakers are like stories that should not only deliver a message but also go with the flow that everyone can grasp. However, when the speaker has too many ideas going on in his mind, the message sometimes becomes vague with the tendency to beat around the bush. In the actual speaking engagement, that is translated to boredom and unnecessary complexity.

motivational speakersHaving your speech edited is not only for the purpose of having it grammatically polished. It is not meant to be a written piece after all. The most important thing is to clear out the grey areas and have the questionable parts straightened out. What seems right for a speaker who knows his speech even with eyes closed might not be the same for a common listener who barely has an idea of what the speaker is talking about.

3. Not engaging their audience in the speech.

The audience cannot answer back clearly and distinctively when asked, especially if you are talking to a crowd of thousands. However, that is no excuse to leave them out in the discussion because they are part of it whether you like it or not.

Communication is a two-way process, and both ends have to do their parts. You talk while they give you feedback, whether in the form of applause or laughter.

Keynote speakers sometimes have to remain formal with their delivery, so they deliver their speech with no other concern but to get it done as clear as possible. Motivational speakers, on the other hand, need interaction, so you have to ask your audience and really talk to them as if face to face. Make them laugh, encourage them to say yes or no, let them stand up once in a while – just make them feel that they are very much a part of the event as much as you are.

4. Relying too much on visual presentations.

PowerPoint presentations and other visual materials add appeal, entertainment and clarity to the speech. However, keep in mind that the audiences are there to listen and not to read or watch your presentations. Do not put your actual speech in your visual presentation because that will just confuse them.

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Aug 27

FAQ On Recognition Pins

Recognition pins are gaining popularity but still, many people are not aware of so many things about these pins. Here are the answers to some of the questions some of you may be longing to ask.

What are recognition pins?

Recognition pins are jewelry-like accessory being placed on the lapels of uniforms, jackets, or dresses. These pins are usually given to the well-deserving employees, students, or members of any corporation or organization for various reasons.

What are the uses of these pins?

This is an effective yet inexpensive way of giving recognition to your valued employees for their hard work, exemplary performance, and length of service.

These pins are also given to those employees who have accomplished outstanding and extraordinary achievements, which have contributed greatly to the progress and success of any given corporation or organization.

Where can you avail of these pins?

Recognition pinsYou can order these pins from various companies that make them. For one, you can find them online. There are also shops or retail stores that specialize in making pins. To ensure that you have the best company to make your pins, check the integrity and reliability of these companies in terms of delivery, price, and quality of the pins.

What are these pins made of?

These pins are made from metals that are durable.The most common metal used is Copper. Iron,aluminum, pewter,brass, and sometimes sterling silver are used. These materials make the pins last long, making them ideal as tokens for appreciating the services of employees. The metals do not get damaged or broken easily. They can last for decades if properly cared and stored.

How long does it take for the pins to be made?

If you have any upcoming event, the least time of preparation you need is a month. Five working days is usually allotted to the making of the design. If you do not have any design yet, the company making the pins usually offers this service, sometime for free or for a minimal fee. Most of thepin companiesrequire10-14 days to make the pins. Some companies can do these recognition pins at lesser number of days but with additional charges. To provide allowance for any emergency or unforeseen circumstance, allot an extra week before the actual event or occasion.

What are the available sizes and shapes of these pins?

The available sizes are ½, ¾, 1 and 1¼ inches. The regular shape is circle. Odd shapes include oval, rectangle, square, shield-like and ribbon-like shapes. For specialized shapes, additional charges will apply.

How much would a pin cost?

The price of the pins would depend on the following factors:

The number of pins that you need. The higher the number that you need, the lower the price.

The material or materials that you would need.

The design. If the design is complex, the price may increase.

The time frame. Rush or urgent orders would have higher prices than the regular time frame of 2 weeks.

Inclusion of other additional items such as pin attachment and packing of pin.

Pin companies usually have different packages or offers that would suit your budget. You could ask for a quotation if your order is not included in the package.

What are the different types of packing of pins.

The most common and cheapest is the poly bag. Acrylic cases are also popular and affordable. For more formal occasion, velvet pouches or cases are preferable. Another good option is the card where the pin is attached. In the card, one could write the event, date, venue, and even the message for the recipient.

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Aug 26

4 Important Benefits of Using E Liquids Instead of Real Cigarettes

How commercials have influenced the way electronic cigarettes are perceived by the public may not exactly point to the facts. In a way, because of various advertisements telling consumers that vaping is a good move to cease smoking habits, it still does not reflect significantly based on statistical evidence. But while the percentage of smokers is yet to decrease, it’s good to know how you can actually benefit from using e liquids instead of real cigarettes.

1. They can improve your overall health. 

e liquidsThis statement is debatable, but given that you’ll be reducing your consumption of real cigarettes, you’re practically moving away from the dangers of cancer and other diseases tobacco use can cause. But while it is considered a safer substitute to smoking, vaping may still be addictive, primarily due to its nicotine content.

Because of people’s desire to create a healthier substitute to the hard-to-break habit of smoking, vaping was born. While there are many thinking this is a way for numerous companies to feed off of a lot of individuals’ addiction, it somehow provided a better alternative that could keep your wellbeing and health in good condition.

2. They can bring back your sense of smell and taste.

Smoking makes your olfactory decline. The more cigarettes you smoke, the more your ability to smell is lost. Since your nose plays an important role in how you taste things, the function of your taste buds is also compromised.

Vapor released in using e cigs, on the other hand, is tasteless and doesn’t give out residual odor. Putting down cigarettes and transitioning to using e liquids should revive your once-dull sense of smell and taste after about 5 days.

3. They can enhance your energy levels.

Because of how smoking makes energy levels decline, few sportsmen stick to this habit. Smoking cigarettes can change one’s lifestyle from active to sedentary. Less oxygen is delivered to your muscles when you are smoking, which is why they tend to feel painful during strenuous physical activities. Heavy smoking can make you lethargic, and working too much during this phase actually poses health risks because the heart and muscles can’t cope with the stress that your body is put under.

Once you quit smoking and use e liquids, you can experience an increase in your energy levels after one week. That lethargic feeling you once had when you were smoking will fade away, and your system will start to supply your muscles with enough oxygen that is easily noticeable with your breathing.

4. They can reduce your risks of heart disease by half.

The numerous harmful chemicals found in tobacco can make your heart function decline drastically. These chemicals can also become hazardous to your blood vessels’ function. The more you smoke real cigarettes, the closer you get to atherosclerosis, which condition is where plaque builds up on the walls of your arteries, partially blocking blood flow to your cardiovascular system. Coronary heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, and stroke can also be caused by smoking, and these are only a few of the many diseases tobacco use can deliver.

By using e liquids and ceasing your smoking habits, you are moving yourself away from these diseases. It can also alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. A year without smoking decreases your heart attack risks. After 5 years, you can enjoy a life that’s far from a stroke and bladder, esophagus, or throat cancer.

Because of how well using e liquids proves to be a better alternative to cigarette smoking, it should be clear that it can improve not only your health, but also your lifestyle. If you have been smoking and are thinking twice about making the switch, don’t hesitate and get yourself your first starter kit.

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Aug 19

Things to watch out for when choosing gun safes

If you combine classic steel safes with gun display cabinets of old, what you would get are the modern day gun safes. Society’s heightened awareness of all the dangers gun ownership could pose, led to the modification and continuous improvement on how guns should be stored.

No more decorative and easily accessible glass cases for guns. Instead, all gun owners are required by law to have some measure of keeping their guns away from unauthorized people. From children to thieves, to people with a tendency for violence, gun safes are primarily meant to keep firearms hidden and protected while at the same time provide easy access to the owner in case the contents are needed.

Other purposes include protection of contents from extreme heat and, for some models at least, from flooding.

gun safesThough it is not recommended for gun owners to display their guns where just about anyone could see, most gun collectors still like to show off their collection. In place of display cabinets with flimsy glass casings and fine grained wood, however, most have opted to use furniture safes made from thick reinforced glass and heavy duty steel with a wood finish.

Anyone is free to do what they want with their guns as long as it is lawful and within regulations, but it is extremely recommended that gun owners—no matter how many guns you own—do not display their possessions because people with ill intents might count that as an invitation to steal from you. No matter how thick those reinforced glass might be, a few determined swings of the axe might damage it enough to allow access to the firearms. Steel gun safes would really be best,but which kind?

Choosing an ideal gun safe is easy enough once you understand which features you should prioritize based on your own unique circumstances. Cabinet-sized safes are usually for the avid gun buyers who prefer long barreled models, but it is ideal for the average gun owner too if they intend to store more than just guns inside.

When it comes to size and gun capacity, though, do not take advertised claims at face value. For instance, when looking to buy a safe for ten long barreled guns, choose a safe that could hold at least double that number. Assume your collection will expand; assume too that it might not just be your guns that would need a secure storage. It is important to avoid, at any cost, crowding a gun safe.

You might want to invest in extra features like rotary racks. These could make the interior of gun safes neater-looking while at the same time make the guns easily accessible during an emergency. Think about how you could take advantage of every inch of space of the gun safe you have, with a view of keeping it from overcrowding. Look to refrigerators—where even the back of the door is utilized to great effect—for inspiration.

Speaking of not taking product claims at face value, it is important to remember that this applies even to the most well-known or most purchased products. Forbes website has featured an article about small gun safes that could be opened by a three year old (to tragic consequences) even though the alleged faulty products were DOJ certified—a typical standard that buyers are often encouraged to look for. Whether these claims are true or not, it is to your greatest benefit to double- and triple-check all of the safe you intend to buy.

You could do this by looking more closely at product review from a greater variety of sources—not just from the websites or paid advertisements of those who sell these “safes” for a living.

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Aug 18

Breaking The Search Engine Code For Your Brand Via SEO Companies

Branding is a tough thing to do. Every major company that has a recognizable brand has worked very hard to get into the public’s eye. It hasn’t always been a simple task of hiring one of the many SEO companies that are out there, and yet people still try to break new ground by going at it alone. If you are an iconoclast in all semblances of the word, you will find that you may get coerced into moving forward with DIY ideas. The do it yourself mentality is a good one, but it can also lead you down the wrong path of marketing. This is especially true when it comes to gaining leverage within the world of optimization strategies.

There are some that claim to have figured out how to leverage all the traffic in the world. You may even see people selling digital resources that claim to be able to create a great deal of revenue through the use of their method of breaking the search engine code. The reality of the matter is that you will learn more about branding through the work that SEO companies do on a regular basis than you will by simply implementing the ideas of raving lunatics, and bloggers that aren’t sure what they are talking about.

The Truth About Search Engines

SEOThe first thing that you should realize right now is that no matter how much you push, and no matter how hard to try to fight to get included into search engines today, you will fail miserably if you try to battle it alone. Too often, companies push themselves through impossible odds and find that they close down before their branding gets too far. The reason why this is not always a simple matter is because search engines change their minds about how they rank sites all the time. The thing that will get you to the forefront of implementation will be the downfall that you end up having in regards to marketing. The things that used to secure the right elements forward are no longer the things that you are going to be able to utilize to gain market share, even though you may think that you can get away with the many shortcuts that many DIY bloggers and marketers claim you can, you’ll find that the penalties are stiff for those that try to circumvent the algorithms that are in place right now.

Search Engine Algorithms Are Secret

No matter what anyone tells you, no matter how convincing they may sound, you need to understand that there is no way to detail the code structure and variations of internet searches. There is no algorithm that is released to showcase the proper way to work within the world of search engine optimization. There are some things that you can do in light of search providers have told people to work with, but as far as a clearly designed plan of action? There is no real way to gain leverage within that marketplace. You will find that in order to gain leverage, you will need to look into the world of marketing as a whole. The more you look into this, the higher the chances are that you’ll be able to gain leverage in a real way. Just don’t purchase any documentation or believe the hype surrounding the notion of figuring out how search engines rank sites, because it’s all a matter of conjecture.

Building Your Brand The Right Way

Let’s say you were to emulate what SEO companies do to market brands and clients. You will find that by following their lead, you will be able to gain market share through a variety of different elements moving forward. You will be able to go within the realms of social media marketing, for instance. This is one way to establish a name for yourself and gain serious marketing potential. It’s something that most people don’t really realize until they are in the middle of trying to create leverage within the marketing world. You will find that social media is not going anywhere and can allow you to create a good name for yourself, if you chase it within the parameters of a professional grade solution.

Complying With The Rules

Pick a search engine, any of them, and you will find that they have a rules and regulations protocol that they publish for the general public. They not only publish it to help people working within the world of marketing, but they do it for anyone that is trying to figure out whether or not their website has been penalized for not following the rules. If you look there, you will get as close to the algorithm that search engines are using as possible. If you ignore the rules or you just want to be an iconoclast, you can definitely do that. However, you will find that by ignoring the rules, you will effectively cancel yourself out of the equation that will have you moving forward with the right overall marketing potential. At the end of the day, the best thing to do is hire a professional and let them create a good branding for you online.

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Jun 13

Quality Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards are one of the main advertising methods of choice for various companies, organizations, and trade shows held locally and internationally. They are often worn on employees’ necks since they are meant to showcase the company’s specific brand name and logo at a glance.

Lanyards should therefore be expected to come in the most vibrant hues in order to quickly catch the eyes of customers as well as of potential investors. They should likewise be made of only the highest-quality materials and look as professionally made as possible.

BL-1The best advantage that there is in ordering lanyards are that they can be easily customized to suit your specific needs. You will be required to supply your own logo, mascot, or design prior to ordering. You will not be provided with any pre-made templates or designs in order to ensure that your specific brand will remain original.

To add a more personalized effect, you also have the choice of selecting a specific lanyard type and lanyard color. There are actually several kinds of materials that you can choose from to use in your lanyards. You can choose the lanyard type based on your company or organization’s specific logo design or budget constraints.

Nylon lanyards are the ideal choice for your badge lanyards since they can allow your messages and brand names to really shine and pop out. The smooth finish of a nylon lanyard can also incorporate the clearest print detail and the most intricate of designs.

If professionalism is your priority, then you could also choose a woven lanyard. Your chosen design is woven into the actual lanyard thus making it more durable as well. However, the main drawback on a woven lanyard is the fact that intricate details will often be lost in the embroidery process. This type of lanyard is therefore best suited for badge lanyards with only simple designs and texts rendered in bold colors.

Polyester lanyards are another option for you if you are decided on using polyester material of the highest quality. This type of lanyard can offer you the professional look and low price of a woven lanyard without compromising design. Instead of weaving in the message and details, they will instead be silk screened on the lanyard. This means that your designs will come out much clearer and with greater intricacy as compared to a woven lanyard.

Tubular lanyards are another option for companies who want to order badge lanyards in bulk without spending a large amount of money. The material used for tubular lanyards is similar to the polyester used for shoelaces. This therefore makes them the most affordable lanyard type available. Nevertheless, you will not have to sacrifice quality even with the cheap price. The design and text will still be silk screened on the material in order to result in a polished and professional appearance.

The best type of lanyard for colorful brand designs and logos are dye sublimated lanyards. Patterns are heat transferred onto the lanyard material instead of being silk screened. This ensures not only the vibrancy but also the durability of the design. The lanyard can be comfortably worn on your neck for long periods without causing damage to the print. Since the print is not simply printed on the lanyard, it will not easily peel off, crack, or fade.

Customers also have the option of further customizing their lanyards by including additional attachments to their orders. Safety breakaways are particularly useful for badge lanyards and they are often included as free add-on if required. Swivel j-hooks, thumb triggers, key rings, and others can also be added to your order as free attachments if you request them beforehand. On the other hand, disconnect buckles, cell phone loops, and length adjusters will require an additional fee.

Lanyard manufacturers know that their customers are likely to want to order their badge lanyards in bulk. However, they would never compromise quality for fast production. Customer satisfaction is always their main priority. Therefore, they would always aim to produce the best quality lanyards for their customers so that they will earn their unyielding trust and loyalty.

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May 22

The Advantages of A GNU/Linux-based VPS Server

Hosting a website through a VPS server is now becoming a popular choice for business owners because it provides an increased allocation of resources and control that’s comparable to those found in a dedicated server, while retaining the affordability of a shared or reseller hosting service.

As with other types of servers, a VPS server can either be GNU/Linux-based, Windows-based, or based on any other operating system. However, GNU/Linux-based servers are seldom the top choice because of a number of factors that makes it stand out among the rest.

Excellent Reliability & Performance:

The GNU/Linux operating VPS serversystem is well-known for its use in server environments, way before it became a desktop operating system. As such, the reliability of the GNU/Linux operating system in a VPS server is backed by years of constant maintenance and improvements on the operating system itself, so you’re always assured that a GNU/Linux-based server will be very stable, even in cases when the server is working under high loads.

One proof that can attest to the reliability of the GNU/Linux operating system on servers is the fact that the top supercomputers around the world has a GNU/Linux distribution for their operating system.

High Security:

The security benefits of a GNU/Linux operating system also carry on to servers using it. Aside from having a higher resistance to malware and other kinds of intrusions, the open-source nature of the operating system itself (especially the Linux kernel) means that certain security issues, when found, are patched very quickly, usually before it becomes a serious threat. This ensures that your VPS server is virtually resistant to attacks of any kind, even DDoS attacks, ensuring that your servers stay as stable as it can be.

Constant Updates:

This goes hand-in-hand with the security aspect of a GNU/Linux operating system. Due to all of the components of the operating system being open-source, this means that development of the software isn’t just restricted to a small team of developers in a single area, but by millions of users around the world who are willing to improve upon the operating system itself. As such, it enjoys constant growth, with new updates that add new functionality, or enhance it, as well as other patches for security holes, being released as soon as they’re ready. This contributes to the ever-growing stability and performance of the operating system itself, and in part, the server that uses it.

Wider Technology Support:

GNU/Linux supports a wide variety of web technologies that webmasters can use in the development of their websites. Among those available for GNU/Linux are different scripting languages like Perl and PHP, database support via MySQL and PostgreSQL, Apache, and some even free blogging tools like WordPress, etc.

Better Resource Optimization:

GNU/Linux has the capability to optimize the VPS server itself, as well as its application, in order for them to use less physical resources than normal. This allows the server to operate more efficiently, especially under high system loads.

Low Price:

But perhaps one of the most attractive reasons for choosing a GNU/Linux-based sever, is the low price that comes with it. Again, the operating system plays a major factor in the price of the service. Since GNU/Linux is by itself, free, the cost of licensing fees for using a proprietary operating system for server needs is essentially mitigated, which contributes to the overall cost of running the server. Thus, it’s not unusual for a GNU/Linux-based server of any kind to be much cheaper than their Windows-based counterparts. Although more affordable, the reliability of a server is usually never compromised, thereby making it an even more attractive choice.

RockVPS provides Windows VPS or Windows VPS server, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware.

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May 11

Get Premium Clubs at Rockbottomgolf

The course is vast and the game is intense. Golf demands a lot of effort from the player, both from the talent and the tools; which is why getting the best kind of gear for your game is essential.

Rockbottomgolf.com provides the best golf equipment at the lowest prices. The site offers the most complete sets of brands of golf gear including Nike, Taylor Made, Adams, Callaway golf and a whole lot more.

You’ll find high-quality clubs on the site to get your game going. The woods, irons, wedges and putters are all here at Rockbottom.com.

These are previews to some of the sites best clubs.


Taylor Made Golf – Rocketballz Fairway Wood

The RocketballzCallaway Golf is the ideal fairway wood to optimize your swing in a fast and steady motion. The Speed Pocket, the Thick Thin Crown and the large clubhead are the main features of the Rocketballz to optimize your swing on the golf ball’s flight.

Callaway Golf – RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Wood

Callaway is popular for innovating Big Bertha for the game. The RAZR Fit Xtreme is a premium Fairway Wood that’s equipped with the brand’s latest technology, such as Speed Frame Face, OptiFit Hosel and the high performance graphite shaft.

Adams Golf – Speedline Super S Fairway Wood

The Speedline Super S is equipped with Velocity Slot Technology, Cut-Thru Slot and more, to provide versatility and effectiveness. These provide distance and speed for the ball to move faster and farther in flight.

Callaway Golf – X Hot Pro Fairway Wood

The Forged Speed Frame Face Cup, Modern Warbird Sole and Lightweight Project X velocity Shaft are the features that make the X Hot Pro another excellent fairway wood from Callaway.


Nike Golf VRS Covert Driver

The world’s top sports brand delivers with the VRS Covert driver. Speed and distance are what golfers look for from drivers. Equipped with the brand’s latest technology such as the High Speed Cavity Back, NexCor Face, FlexLoft and many more; the VRS Covert is Nike’s finest drivers.

Callaway Golf – 2014 Big Bertha Driver

Big Bertha has been a monumental figure to the game of golf. Callaway has yet again developed the driver to make it faster, stronger and better than ever! It’s has all that you need in a driver – Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, New Hyper Speed Face, New Advance Adjustable Hosel Technology, and Forged Composite.

Taylor Made Golf – Jetspeed Driver

Taylor Made has produced the Jetspeed Driver to make your drives go longer and faster. This driver was one of the first drivers to be engineered with a Speed Pocket. The distance is obtained by the Matrix Velox T 49 Shaft.


Adams Golf – Idea Super S Wedge

The Idea Super S gives efficiency to your hits with its developed face and new construction method. The shape and density of the wedge is crafter to make your swings soar easier.

Taylor Made Golf – ATV Wedge

ATV stands for All Terrain Versatility. The name speaks for itself with the sole for all kinds of surfaces to maximize your shot at any point. Taylor Made Golf succeeds with this one.


Odyssey Golf – Metal X Heavy Putter

The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depression serves the Metal X Heavy Putter’s mechanical lock. This makes it easier for the golfer to harness the club and launch the ball with lots of control.

To see more details about these clubs, visit Rockbottomgolf.com for the full descriptions of features, list of prices and customer reviews and rankings of each product. Along with these products you’ll find more Nike, Adams, Taylor Made, Callaway Golf and many more on the website.

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