Jun 13

Quality Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards are one of the main advertising methods of choice for various companies, organizations, and trade shows held locally and internationally. They are often worn on employees’ necks since they are meant to showcase the company’s specific brand name and logo at a glance.

Lanyards should therefore be expected to come in the most vibrant hues in order to quickly catch the eyes of customers as well as of potential investors. They should likewise be made of only the highest-quality materials and look as professionally made as possible.

BL-1The best advantage that there is in ordering lanyards are that they can be easily customized to suit your specific needs. You will be required to supply your own logo, mascot, or design prior to ordering. You will not be provided with any pre-made templates or designs in order to ensure that your specific brand will remain original.

To add a more personalized effect, you also have the choice of selecting a specific lanyard type and lanyard color. There are actually several kinds of materials that you can choose from to use in your lanyards. You can choose the lanyard type based on your company or organization’s specific logo design or budget constraints.

Nylon lanyards are the ideal choice for your badge lanyards since they can allow your messages and brand names to really shine and pop out. The smooth finish of a nylon lanyard can also incorporate the clearest print detail and the most intricate of designs.

If professionalism is your priority, then you could also choose a woven lanyard. Your chosen design is woven into the actual lanyard thus making it more durable as well. However, the main drawback on a woven lanyard is the fact that intricate details will often be lost in the embroidery process. This type of lanyard is therefore best suited for badge lanyards with only simple designs and texts rendered in bold colors.

Polyester lanyards are another option for you if you are decided on using polyester material of the highest quality. This type of lanyard can offer you the professional look and low price of a woven lanyard without compromising design. Instead of weaving in the message and details, they will instead be silk screened on the lanyard. This means that your designs will come out much clearer and with greater intricacy as compared to a woven lanyard.

Tubular lanyards are another option for companies who want to order badge lanyards in bulk without spending a large amount of money. The material used for tubular lanyards is similar to the polyester used for shoelaces. This therefore makes them the most affordable lanyard type available. Nevertheless, you will not have to sacrifice quality even with the cheap price. The design and text will still be silk screened on the material in order to result in a polished and professional appearance.

The best type of lanyard for colorful brand designs and logos are dye sublimated lanyards. Patterns are heat transferred onto the lanyard material instead of being silk screened. This ensures not only the vibrancy but also the durability of the design. The lanyard can be comfortably worn on your neck for long periods without causing damage to the print. Since the print is not simply printed on the lanyard, it will not easily peel off, crack, or fade.

Customers also have the option of further customizing their lanyards by including additional attachments to their orders. Safety breakaways are particularly useful for badge lanyards and they are often included as free add-on if required. Swivel j-hooks, thumb triggers, key rings, and others can also be added to your order as free attachments if you request them beforehand. On the other hand, disconnect buckles, cell phone loops, and length adjusters will require an additional fee.

Lanyard manufacturers know that their customers are likely to want to order their badge lanyards in bulk. However, they would never compromise quality for fast production. Customer satisfaction is always their main priority. Therefore, they would always aim to produce the best quality lanyards for their customers so that they will earn their unyielding trust and loyalty.

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May 22

The Advantages of A GNU/Linux-based VPS Server

Hosting a website through a VPS server is now becoming a popular choice for business owners because it provides an increased allocation of resources and control that’s comparable to those found in a dedicated server, while retaining the affordability of a shared or reseller hosting service.

As with other types of servers, a VPS server can either be GNU/Linux-based, Windows-based, or based on any other operating system. However, GNU/Linux-based servers are seldom the top choice because of a number of factors that makes it stand out among the rest.

Excellent Reliability & Performance:

The GNU/Linux operating VPS serversystem is well-known for its use in server environments, way before it became a desktop operating system. As such, the reliability of the GNU/Linux operating system in a VPS server is backed by years of constant maintenance and improvements on the operating system itself, so you’re always assured that a GNU/Linux-based server will be very stable, even in cases when the server is working under high loads.

One proof that can attest to the reliability of the GNU/Linux operating system on servers is the fact that the top supercomputers around the world has a GNU/Linux distribution for their operating system.

High Security:

The security benefits of a GNU/Linux operating system also carry on to servers using it. Aside from having a higher resistance to malware and other kinds of intrusions, the open-source nature of the operating system itself (especially the Linux kernel) means that certain security issues, when found, are patched very quickly, usually before it becomes a serious threat. This ensures that your VPS server is virtually resistant to attacks of any kind, even DDoS attacks, ensuring that your servers stay as stable as it can be.

Constant Updates:

This goes hand-in-hand with the security aspect of a GNU/Linux operating system. Due to all of the components of the operating system being open-source, this means that development of the software isn’t just restricted to a small team of developers in a single area, but by millions of users around the world who are willing to improve upon the operating system itself. As such, it enjoys constant growth, with new updates that add new functionality, or enhance it, as well as other patches for security holes, being released as soon as they’re ready. This contributes to the ever-growing stability and performance of the operating system itself, and in part, the server that uses it.

Wider Technology Support:

GNU/Linux supports a wide variety of web technologies that webmasters can use in the development of their websites. Among those available for GNU/Linux are different scripting languages like Perl and PHP, database support via MySQL and PostgreSQL, Apache, and some even free blogging tools like WordPress, etc.

Better Resource Optimization:

GNU/Linux has the capability to optimize the VPS server itself, as well as its application, in order for them to use less physical resources than normal. This allows the server to operate more efficiently, especially under high system loads.

Low Price:

But perhaps one of the most attractive reasons for choosing a GNU/Linux-based sever, is the low price that comes with it. Again, the operating system plays a major factor in the price of the service. Since GNU/Linux is by itself, free, the cost of licensing fees for using a proprietary operating system for server needs is essentially mitigated, which contributes to the overall cost of running the server. Thus, it’s not unusual for a GNU/Linux-based server of any kind to be much cheaper than their Windows-based counterparts. Although more affordable, the reliability of a server is usually never compromised, thereby making it an even more attractive choice.

RockVPS provides Windows VPS or Windows VPS server, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware.

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May 11

Get Premium Clubs at Rockbottomgolf

The course is vast and the game is intense. Golf demands a lot of effort from the player, both from the talent and the tools; which is why getting the best kind of gear for your game is essential.

Rockbottomgolf.com provides the best golf equipment at the lowest prices. The site offers the most complete sets of brands of golf gear including Nike, Taylor Made, Adams, Callaway golf and a whole lot more.

You’ll find high-quality clubs on the site to get your game going. The woods, irons, wedges and putters are all here at Rockbottom.com.

These are previews to some of the sites best clubs.


Taylor Made Golf – Rocketballz Fairway Wood

The RocketballzCallaway Golf is the ideal fairway wood to optimize your swing in a fast and steady motion. The Speed Pocket, the Thick Thin Crown and the large clubhead are the main features of the Rocketballz to optimize your swing on the golf ball’s flight.

Callaway Golf – RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Wood

Callaway is popular for innovating Big Bertha for the game. The RAZR Fit Xtreme is a premium Fairway Wood that’s equipped with the brand’s latest technology, such as Speed Frame Face, OptiFit Hosel and the high performance graphite shaft.

Adams Golf – Speedline Super S Fairway Wood

The Speedline Super S is equipped with Velocity Slot Technology, Cut-Thru Slot and more, to provide versatility and effectiveness. These provide distance and speed for the ball to move faster and farther in flight.

Callaway Golf – X Hot Pro Fairway Wood

The Forged Speed Frame Face Cup, Modern Warbird Sole and Lightweight Project X velocity Shaft are the features that make the X Hot Pro another excellent fairway wood from Callaway.


Nike Golf VRS Covert Driver

The world’s top sports brand delivers with the VRS Covert driver. Speed and distance are what golfers look for from drivers. Equipped with the brand’s latest technology such as the High Speed Cavity Back, NexCor Face, FlexLoft and many more; the VRS Covert is Nike’s finest drivers.

Callaway Golf – 2014 Big Bertha Driver

Big Bertha has been a monumental figure to the game of golf. Callaway has yet again developed the driver to make it faster, stronger and better than ever! It’s has all that you need in a driver – Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, New Hyper Speed Face, New Advance Adjustable Hosel Technology, and Forged Composite.

Taylor Made Golf – Jetspeed Driver

Taylor Made has produced the Jetspeed Driver to make your drives go longer and faster. This driver was one of the first drivers to be engineered with a Speed Pocket. The distance is obtained by the Matrix Velox T 49 Shaft.


Adams Golf – Idea Super S Wedge

The Idea Super S gives efficiency to your hits with its developed face and new construction method. The shape and density of the wedge is crafter to make your swings soar easier.

Taylor Made Golf – ATV Wedge

ATV stands for All Terrain Versatility. The name speaks for itself with the sole for all kinds of surfaces to maximize your shot at any point. Taylor Made Golf succeeds with this one.


Odyssey Golf – Metal X Heavy Putter

The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depression serves the Metal X Heavy Putter’s mechanical lock. This makes it easier for the golfer to harness the club and launch the ball with lots of control.

To see more details about these clubs, visit Rockbottomgolf.com for the full descriptions of features, list of prices and customer reviews and rankings of each product. Along with these products you’ll find more Nike, Adams, Taylor Made, Callaway Golf and many more on the website.

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May 05

The Present State of Business Marketing: Blogging, Design, Live Chat and Connecting

Imagine the world more than twenty years ago. With the fall of the Berlin wall and the birth of the internet came a new reality for humanity. Information before came from certain hegemonies that conducted the flow of knowledge till the eve of the new millennium. Now people can obtain knowledge, data and information in an instant.But what did this say to the rest of the free world? It meant that people could now truly speak for themselves.

live chat softwareIt was in 2006 when Time magazine even featured their edition of person of the year – ‘you’. The glaring truth was that people could now raise their voices through social media. One particular product of this “Flatworld” reality, as journalist Thomas Friedman would call it,” is blogging.Getting connected today is very important. Blogging has become one of those pillars in connecting people together by self-publication. A user may write his or her thoughts freely for the world to see. Now it comes in different shapes and sizes. Some use it to fulfill their writing en devours; others for amateur journalism; and some for business. For the latter, starting a blog can create a platform for marketing a small business. This is definitely beneficial for users who want to get some audience and potential customers. Today, along with its entire daunting cataclysm, business enthusiasts coincide with freedom of speech to explore self-publishing and marketing freely. Of course, to say that would be stretching the case. But the opportunity is truly vast.

There are blogging sites that are welcoming to these kinds of approach to marketing. But to find the trending ones would be appropriate for their names. WordPress would be the most well known of it all.

Here you have a self-publishing site that is used by not only average Joes and Janes, but also big names such as CNN correspondent Fareed Zakaria. So when it comes to popularity WordPress has this aspect.

Publishing content is also very user friendly on WordPress. It’s not that difficult to navigate through the nuances of the posting and publishing. And once the blog is up for the business, having live chat software for the support system are the next steps to consider.

The author of the book “A Whole New Mind” Daniel H. Pink has claimed that, today, the world leans toward the aesthetic. Content is essential. But people no longer want to just have content. They also want style.Other social media websites are a testimony to this such as Instagram and Pinterest. Users go through photos of their friends and followers. They‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ them on Facebook or Twitter. With that, this shows a generation of visually dependent audience that need to see some styling on the look of the site.So a key point here is also to make the site attractive. WordPress provides some great themes for blogs. But the really high-quality ones need to be paid, which is actually a fair trade. Invest on designs and themes for the website. To dress it up in a way that will be visually appealing to the visitor is needed.

Another way to optimize the blog’s service is by having live chat software installed. This gives the site a direct approach in catering the business products and services to the people.

Think of traditional and personal sales-talk – a customer can talk to an agent so that they can find what they are looking for immediately. Live chat software optimizes this kind of service by having the information ready for given questions. Business partners can opt to modify this information or even go hands–on with it. But having this program makes everything more convenient for the site’s support system.

As everything gets woven together – the business, internet marketing, creating a WordPress page, designing it, and installing live chat software – the world becomes the playing field for entrepreneurs.

Start monitoring your website with live chat software.

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May 01

Is iPage a Good Web Host Company Compared to Others?

web hostingSearching for the best web hosting, free business websites, site builder or free website creator is very challenging but essential when starting your online business. There are lots of web hosts out there that offer different incentives to join their programs. There are some that would offer free monthly website submissions to Yahoo, MSN and Google. The majority of these web hosting companies offers secure online shopping carts to use to sell different products from your home store. There are some that offer incentive programs for referring others to join their web hosting and some web hosting companies offer a low price with stack on programs to draw you in. The most common programs that the web host companies are offering include the following:

  • Customer Support Guaranteed to answer your phone calls in 2 minutes
  • Free Blog
  • Free Google, Yahoo, Facebook and My Ads credits
  • Free Online Stores
  • Free Security Suite
  • Free Site building tools
  • Free website creator
  • Host Unlimited domains
  • Marketing tools to help promote your website
  • Secured Credit card processing
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited disk space and e-mail
  • Unlimited Hosting Space

iPage Services

iPage is considered as one of the best web hosting companies these days. This article will answer the question is iPage a good web host? To determine how good iPage is, let’s analyze the services iPage can provide. The company offers unlimited domains, $250 dollars in Marketing credits, site builder with WordPress hooks and a free online store. If you compare iPage with other popular web host companies, iPage tops them all.

iPage web hosting offers free spam and Malware scanning, domain verification and a security badge for your website. A one year full security scan of the website is also offered. If you can afford, you can purchase Security suite software for your website. This deal is not bad at all considering the very low cost of hosting with security options.

Is iPage a good web host? If you check out the following features of iPage, you will definitely say yes.

  • It has a friend referral program that lets you earn $25 per sign-up.
  • It is a cost effective web host.
  • Reliable services
  • Quick and easy setup for those who are not website programmers
  • Great security for your website
  • Professional WordPress blog tools

iPage has been in the market since 1998 and is now serving over one million websites and has over 1.5 million domains under management. Customers are using iPage worldwide in 150 different countries and the company has eight hundred employees globally. iPage have a very good reputation among other web hosts. A good web host usually has good customer satisfaction, good reviews from real people and offers reasonable prices.

If value for money is the basis in determining is iPage a good web host, then there is no doubt that it is. This web host offers lots of tools; it is easy to set up, with great customer service and a great reputation. It is best if you sign up for a one year plan for a low monthly cost. You can start building your dream website after signing up; there is no need for you to take any programming lesson to use it. This web host is perfect for beginners who want to start an online business.

Is iPage a good web host for your business? Choosing the best web hosting company is not easy. You need to find the web host that is best suited for your personal or business needs. You need to carry out a lot of research and experimenting to determine exactly what you like as well as the services that you require. It is hoped this article could help you decide if iPage is the web host company that will meet your requirements for a long time and help you achieve your online business goals.

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Apr 28

Learn More About a Cool Mister

Using patio misters, also referred to as patio misting system, is one of the most effective ways of keeping the patio cool and refreshing during the hottest time of the day. Patio mister involves using a high pressure pump to lower the temperature outside by thirty degrees. This will make the environment much cooler, tolerable and more comfortable on your patio.

Benefits of Using Misters

One of the primary benefits of having patio misters is that it can make the temperature outside cooler even during summer. It can also keep the environment at the ideal moisture levels, which means not too dry, too muggy or too humid and less dust, pollen and other debris in the air. The misting system is very friendly to individuals who suffer allergies.

Function of Misters

The patio mister retrieves water from the water line and pumps it through different tubes. The tubes include several nozzles that release the water in the form of microscopic droplets. The tinier the droplets the better since it feels more like a real cool air. To release smaller droplets, you need higher pressure pumps.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a high pressure pump, you can opt for a lower pressure pump which is much cheaper but can still make the air cool and pleasant. As compared to higher pressure pump which can lower the temperature by 30 degrees; lower pressure pump can reduce the temperature only by 10 degrees. This can somewhat still improve the temperature on hot, uncomfortable days.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mister

Patio misters are ideal for those who are living in hot, arid place. It is also beneficial in places with lots of humidity in the air. Also, if the temperature is above 90 degrees, humidity tends to lessen, and the patio misting system becomes more important.

Other Types of Misters

Sliding Door Misters

For those who don’t have a patio, installing a mister is still possible. You can install it at the edge of the roof, located above the windows and sliding door; this extends around 2” from your side wall. The misting system can make the sidewall cooler, especially when the sun is shining directly at it. It will reduce the cost of your electricity bill because it will drop down the heat transfer.

Balcony Misters

To cool down the temperature in your balcony during hot days, you can use a diverter valve on your faucet to connect the mister tubing. You can order the diverter valve, if you don’t have a garden hose faucet in your balcony.

Frame Misters

For a handy individual, you can put a PVC pipe frame and run your misters to produce a cubical with your side wall misting system.

Places Where You Can Install Misters

Misting systems have been used at resorts to provide comfort to the guests. They make sure that their guests will have a relaxing time while staying around the pool and patio areas. Some restaurants also use this technology. Every time water misting system is used, one thing is for sure, people are attracted to them like magnets. The cooling effect of water creates an oasis from the heat of the sun.

Using mister can help you in lowering your air conditioning bills. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, with your misting system you can reduce the temperature by 30 degrees or cooler. So, if you feel that it is too hot outside, you can turn on the mist instead of your air conditioner and enjoy the cooling effect it provides. You can let the patio misters run all day for just a fraction of the cost of cooling the entire house.

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Apr 22

The Two Different Ways of Practicing SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important for websites. The significance of SEO tasks to a website’s operational success and longevity cannot be overstated. There are so many online marketers that swear by the efficacy and value of SEO operations for their website that it can be difficult to imagine a website that does not make use of it.

SEO is basically about improving or modifying the contents of a website to improve its ranking on search engine results page (SERP). SERPs are those webpages that produce results whenever some anonymous user types in something in a search engine. That list is not randomly generated.

The list is actually ranked based on certain criteria and through the use of different algorithms which can differ from one search engine to the other. A high rank in SERPs is one of the goals of almost every website on the internet. High SERP ranking is important since it increases visibility, traffic, and brand recognition and reliability for the website.

There are two ways white-hat-black-hat-seoof practicing SEO. There are white hat SEO techniques and then there are also black hat SEO techniques. The main differences between the two categories are there approach to SEO practices and how they are treated by search engine service providers such as Bing or Google. These are the two categories of SEO techniques and it is important for people to familiarize themselves with both.

Understanding white hat SEO techniques:

White hat SEO techniques are basically the techniques which abide by the rules of search engine operators like Bing or Google. White hat SEO techniques abide by the rules laid down by search engine operators thus making them the legitimate SEO techniques. SEO companies that are worth their salt exclusively practice white hate SEO techniques.

White hat SEO techniques are smiled upon as they add value, validity and reliability to the SERPs produced by search engines. Furthermore, websites that acquire their page rankings through white hat SEO techniques build a solid reputation, by projecting a positive image, among members of the internet for playing by the rules.

The only downside to using white hate SEO techniques is that they do not produce immediate results. It takes a bit of time for white hate SEO technique employing websites to gain traction and even more time for them to build up the reputation that they want.

Grasping black hat SEO techniques:

Black hat SEO techniques are those techniques that are employed by the devious SEO practitioners. Internet users frown upon black hat SEO techniques because of the results that they get. It does not matter how relevant the contents of a website are to the internet user’s search as websites that use black hat SEO techniques will still show themselves in the top rankings of SERPs.

The advantage of black hate SEO techniques is that they can produce immediate results in the short run. However, therein lays the problem. Black hat SEO techniques cannot promise long term benefits the way white hat SEO techniques can. Furthermore, websites that employ black hat SEO techniques tend to get a bad reputation or image from internet users.

How search engine operators treat the SEO techniques:

Search engines treat the two different categories of SEO techniques in different manners.

Websites that employ white hat SEO techniques are given their due credit. They get the ranking that they deserve on SERPs. These websites are treated fairly and have nothing to fear from the search engine operators.

Black hat SEO technique users on the other hand are severely frowned upon by search engine operators. In fact, some search engine users make it difficult for websites to stay on the SERP list. Others go so far as to penalize black hat SEO technique using websites by banning them from the search results of their search engines.

A website should always strive towards using white hat SEO techniques and avoid using the black hat variants.

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